Meet our goat mother!

Li'l Goats
2 min readApr 30, 2021

Sabrina Lacerda is the artist behind the 30k unique Li’l Goats that will soon be born.

Sabrina, mum of thousands of Li’l Goats

Sabrina grew up in Campina Grande, Brazil. Before she had a computer, she would spend her days in her aunt’s arcade. After countless hours of falling in love with fighting games and game characters like Sonic and Super Mario it is no wonder she became a digital visual artist. The mystique of fantasy characters coming to life and becoming their very own personality intrigues her.

Legends of Ellaria — © Sabrina Lacerda

Now, an NFT fighting game can have all sorts of characters that fight each other, so why did she choose goats? Sabrina explains that goats play a big role in North East Brazilian culture. They are sturdy animals that helped many poor families survive in less than ideal conditions. They flourish in all conditions, provide milk and meat and are strong and full of character. Many of the local expressions involve goats (cabra macho, cabra da peste), headstrong animals that can be comical at times.

From sketch

Local culture plays a big role in her life. Whilst working she listens a lot to local folk artists who sing about cultures and experiences lived in Brazil. Some of her visual examples are artists like Sapo L legendary, Paulo Moreira, Shiko, and Ilustra Lu, also Brazilian.

So we can conclude that our Li’l Goats are firmly rooted in Brazilian culture. But they are ready to conquer the world!



Li'l Goats

Li’l Goats looking for a home… A game with unique Cardano NFT collectibles.