Sabrina Lacerda is the artist behind the 30k unique Li’l Goats that will soon be born.

Sabrina grew up in Campina Grande, Brazil. Before she had a computer, she would spend her days in her aunt’s arcade. After countless hours of falling in love with fighting games and game characters…

Approx. 1 month from now between 30k and 50k unique Li’l Goats will be born. They will all have variable rarity, with some total custom goats mixed among them.

Once Phase 1 is finished and the goats have been born and found their owners, Phase 2 will start. We are already working hard at this and the early results look promising!

In Phase 2 the Li’l Goats will be able to fight in a skill based game, Battle Royale style. The owners can bet money if they feel their fighting skills are up to par!

But first, let’s see our Li’l Goats be born…

Li'l Goats

Li’l Goats looking for a home… A game with unique Cardano NFT collectibles.

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